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Sustainability, traceability and the best wool in the world.

Our merino wool comes from an Italian spinning mill that ensures full traceability of the fibres used in its yarns and fabrics.


The wool is sourced from sheep on the Beaufront Estate, located in the picturesque hills of Ross in Tasmania and renowned for grazing top quality merino sheep.


The Beaufront Estate is renowned for quality and environmental responsibility. Regular monitoring of the soil and plant species maintains biodiversity on the pastures. The highest animal welfare standards for wool production are applied. Certificates for non-mulled wool are available. A professional shearing team is employed to ensure that all wool is sheared ethically and the sheep are treated in a stress-free environment.


Family business with a pioneering spirit.

Our denim comes from a small Upper Austrian family business that specialises in growing flax. This denim was developed out of a passion for the material, along with other products. 


It is made of 40% linen from organic production in the Mühlviertel region and 60% Turkish organic cotton. All production and finishing steps, except for the spinning process, are carried out in Austria.


Tradition since 1832

We prefer linen from Upper Austrian production, because linen weaving has a long tradition in this region.

These linen yarns come from Europe (France, Belgium and Holland), are woven in Upper Austria and are certified with the organic quality labels GOTS and IVN Best. The fabrics are finished and dyed in Lower Austria.


Appreciation for the material

We started with the 'Zero Waste' approach long before the trend emerged. From the beginning, the label has been committed to avoiding waste with a conscious approach and high craftsmanship.


Every piece of knitted waste from the studio is collected and turned into patchwork pieces. This is how absolutely unique pieces are created in elaborate handwork that become signature pieces.


In-house studio

The production takes place in our own workshop in Vienna or by local companies.

We know the companies of our partners and know that their employees are paid fairly. The supply chains are short.

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